Video: The Sensory Institute of Mezcal is created in Oaxaca


The Institute seeks to initiate a process of education towards the final consumer and make mezcal the best distillate in the world.

OAXACA. Business organizations announced the creation of the Mezcal Sensory Institute, which begins in Oaxaca and is projected to operate in the rest of the producing states of the country, which will have the objective of establishing standards and evaluation criteria based on science and technology that improve the quality of the agave crop.

The intention is “to improve the organoleptic perception of the drink, involving everything from the cultivation of the agave to the packaging,” explained the owners and representatives of the National Chamber of the Mezcal Industry ( Canaimez ), the Mezcal Quality Regulatory Council ( Comercam ), Las Mujeres del Mezcal y Maguey de México, and the Mexican Council of Extraordinary Coffees, which together promoted the creation of this institute.

Nace en Oaxaca el Instituto Sensorial del Mezcal; busca potenciar y mejorar calidad de bebida.

Another objective is to tie in with the 2030 Agenda for sustainability and social responsibility, through the creation of protocols that measure quality and identify areas of opportunity to improve the production chain, as well as controls that improve the consumer experience. final.

“The Institute seeks to start a process of education towards the final consumer and make mezcal the best distillate in the world,” said Abelino Cohetero Villegas, president of Comercam.

In addition, he highlighted that in 2021 8.5 million liters were produced, of which 60% is exported to other countries, mainly to the United States, with a production value of 8 thousand 800 million pesos and with the generation of 128 thousand direct jobs. and indirect.

Francisco Juan Pérez Cruz, president of Canaimez, added that the intention is to promote the quality of mezcal with tasters and professional specialists who will improve the product and be more competitive in the international market.

—They seek to train professional tasters

At the Mezcal Sensory Institute, work has been done to train producers and experts as professional sensory tasters capable of evaluating each brand, batch or bottle to identify their sensory attributes and, where appropriate, determine the score corresponding to each product, for which will be awarded a badge for the bottle that indicates compliance with the established protocol and high-quality level, with which auctions will be organized with the best-rated mezcals.

Art and mezcal, reasons to create a community in Oaxaca. Meet the proposal of the Mezcalería Cuish.

For 13 years, this place has become a space for Oaxacan creators, under the impulse of the artist Félix Monterrosa.

“These tasters, in turn, will serve as ambassadors and promoters of conscious sensory consumption. This team of pioneers in the field are committed to improving their own processes to raise the image of the entire category” , informed the allied organizations.

This initiative also contemplates carrying out quality sensory evaluation courses for the general public such as consumers, chefs, restaurant and bar owners, among others, so that they have sufficient knowledge with which to apply criteria for the selection of mezcal brands that decide to purchase.

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