European tourist goes swimming in Oaxaca’s forbidden beach and drowns


A citizen originally from Switzerland, drowned when he was dragged by the current on the Aragón beach, belonging to San Agustinillo Tonameca, San Pedro Pochutla.

The events occurred this Friday morning when the 27-year-old tourist identified as Witschi Yannick went swimming at the aforementioned beach, despite the warning of the red flags not to do so in that area as it was considered high risk.

The tourist did not obey the order and went swimming, but in an oversight, he was swept away by the current and no longer surfaced.

People who were in the place alerted some boatmen, who came to his aid, however, when rescuing him, they confirmed that he no longer had vital signs.

Upon confirming his death, they requested the intervention of elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) to initiate the legal proceedings.


The Oaxaca Post