Oaxaca – is pronounced “Wa-HAH-Ka”


Oaxaca is both the name of this Mexican state and its capital city.

Here, you’ll find colonial streets lined with shade trees, vibrant markets filled with artisans, and mouthwatering aromas drifting from market food stalls and trendy eateries.

These days, many claim that Oaxaca is Mexico’s newest culinary capital.

But that’s not to say the city has forgotten its rich history, which dates back to the ancient Zapotecs that once occupied the now preserved ruins at Monte Albán.

In fact, many of the handicrafts and recipes, which make Oaxaca such a unique place to visit and shop, have been carried down from generation to generation. 

There are also abundant opportunities for day trip excursions – and a host of reliable tour operators to guide you – if you want to stretch your legs for a hike and dip in the mineral baths at Hierve el Agua or wander the agave fields at a Mitla mezcal distillery. 

Source: USN

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