Oaxaca main square among garbage, sit-in, and street vendors


-This not only gives a bad appearance, but the odors of the waste are also a problem, which can trigger health effects

Jorge Acevedo / Mario Romero

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca.- The historic center of the city of Oaxaca de Juárez is listed by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity, however, this seems to be of no importance for municipal and state authorities, since the capital’s zócalo is full of garbage, with a sit-in and street shops.

These three factors give a bad appearance to the main public square of the capital city, something that not only those who live in Oaxaca de Juárez have to deal with, but also the national and foreign tourists who daily arrive in the capital and that one of the places they visit is the zócalo.

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For several weeks the municipal government chaired by Oswaldo García Jarquín, has had problems paying for the fuel for the collection trucks, this has caused large amounts of garbage to be concentrated in the zócalo, not only in the public square but also in various streets of the historic center, as well as in several neighborhoods and agencies.

It is unfortunate to see this situation, since not only does it look bad, the odors of the waste are also a problem, which can trigger health effects, but garbage is not the only problem, the UACOL organization also installed a seedling In front of the government palace, they are asking for attention and a solution to their demands, which have to do with the release of political prisoners. This problem corresponds to the State Government.

For more than 10 years the ground floor of the palace of the government palace became commercial premises, since there the displaced from the Triqui area set up stalls where they sell their products, they demand security in the area to return to their places of origin, However, this has not happened and that possibility is seen very far.

Thus among garbage, with a sit-in and street shops, this is how the capital’s zócalo receives national and foreign tourists, also this is evidence of the abandonment and lack of attention on the part of the mayor García Jarquín and Governor Alejandro Murat, who both presumes that Oaxaca It is the main tourist destination in the world and that “Oaxacan miracle” that he announced so much in his fifth report, is far from being a reality since it is far from the true conditions in which the capital’s zócalo is found.

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