On the way, National Big Game Trolling Huatulco 2021


In a few days -from November 12 to 14-, Santa María Huatulco will receive the best fishermen in the country in the great Oaxacan competition

Huatulco será sede de Nacional Big Game Trolling 2021

Bayside Real Estate Huatulco ‘raised its hand’ to participate in support of the 16th edition of the 2021 Big Game Trolling National Championship, which is scheduled to take place from November 12 to 14 in Santa María Huatulco ( Oaxaca ).

‘We are already very close to holding the 16th Big Game Trolling National Championship, in Santa María Huatulco on November 12, 13, and 14 and it is very gratifying for the State Association of Sport Fishing in the State of Oaxaca that sponsors continue to be added to this great event. Thank you very much BAYSIDE for trusting us’, posted the governing body of the sport of rod and reel on its official Facebook page.

As the date approaches, more and more entities report to compete, waiting to exceed the participation goal (12 delegations) that the organizing committee (National Federation and Oaxaca Association ) have set for this edition.

The most recent registration was given by Chiapas, according to the head of the Oaxacan Association, Raúl José Antonio Silva Gandarillas, who finalizes details together with the National Federation under the most promising expectations.

Winner of specialty tournaments in the Pacific, Gulf and Caribbean, Chiapas affirmed, through its captain, Carlos Roberto Rique Guzmán, that he is going for the national championship, emotionally promoted by his father, Carlos Rique Flores (DEP), a brilliant   Chiapas fisherman recently deceased and who, ‘from Heaven’, will motivate the representation.

Chiapas se alista para Nacional Big Game Trolling Huatulco 2021

“Our fisherman number five is an Angel in Heaven,” said Rique Guzmán, alluding to his father, to whom they dedicate this federated participation.

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