Quinta Real Oaxaca invites you to toast with its collection of mezcals


Oaxaca is synonymous with drinking good mezcal. And a formidable option to enjoy great labels in one place is at the Quinta Real Oaxaca hotel , which has a cava of 101 mezcals , made with different types of agave . These labels come from 25 mezcal houses, all recognized, and not only from that state, but from other regions such as Guerrero and Durango. Names such as Convite, Sacapalabras, A Medios Chiles, 400 Rabbits, Pierde Almas, Alipús, Koch El ‘, Mezcal Unión, Sombra, El Jolgorio, Los Amantes, Los Danzantes, Montelobos and Señorío adorn the cellar located in the beautiful Bugambilias patio . 

Time to enjoy

Quinta Real Oaxaca

The experience with this delicious distillate begins from your arrival at Quinta Real Oaxaca. At the reception you will be greeted with a courtesy cocktail: their famous mezcalini, prepared with mezcal and lemon and cucumber juice, frosted with worm salt.

During meals at its El Refectorio restaurant, you can also order the house mezcal, Mezcal Unión, to pair with its exquisite Oaxacan cuisine, or request the recommendation of the one that goes best with your dishes.

Sweet experience

Mezcales Oaxaca

Quinta Real Oaxaca offers the experience to groups of a mezcal and cocktail tasting, upon request. During our visit, the person in charge of directing it was Rembrandt Reyes, ambassador of Mezcal Unión.

To begin, he gave us an introduction about the agaves with which mezcal is produced in Mexico –between 30 and 35 types–, and that nine states have Denomination of Origin, being Oaxaca the main producer.

He also spoke to us in broad terms of the process to obtain it: jima del agave, firing the pineapple in a conical stone oven, grinding in a tahona, natural fermentation in wooden vats and distillation in copper stills.

Ancestral Notes

Quinta Real Oaxaca

Rembrandt Reyes started with the Sombra label, made with sprat agave, the most widely used because it has been domesticated. It has very fruity and citric notes such as mandarin and ginger; In the mouth, the sweetness stands out, but it is balanced with its smoky tones.

He continued with Mezcal Unión, an assemblage of espadin agave and wild cirial. It is balanced and easy to drink, with notes of vanilla, quince, guava and citrus peel; It is ideal for cocktails. With it, Rembrandt prepared the Flamingo cocktail: grapefruit and lemon juice, Campari, natural syrup and a splash of hibiscus.


The next mezcal was El Jolgorio, where the Mexican agave is used, a plant that is beginning to have a lot of popularity because they are beginning to domesticate it. It has very citrus and herbal notes, and its flavors are sweet.

So now you know: on your next visit to Oaxaca, stay at Quinta Real Oaxaca to immerse yourself in the vast universe of mezcal. Rooms: from $ 3,500. Where. Calle 5 de Mayo No. 300, Colonia Centro, Oaxaca. caminoreal.com

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