Oaxaca is pleased to host surfing as part of the 2021 Conade National Games

  • Oaxaca asked to host this sport because it will be an event that will receive more than 170 people

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., April 2021.-  After 13 years and for the second time in the history of sport in Oaxaca, the entity will once again host the largest amateur sports movement in the country, with the confirmation of the completion of the discipline surfing on the beaches of Puerto Escondido, in the Costa region, with a minimum of participation and when conditions allow it.

Through an official document issued by the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of Oaxaca (Include Oaxaca), it received the ratification of the headquarters of the National Games Conade 2021, before the National Olympiad; Therefore, the entity will receive a national contingent estimated at more than 170 people: 140 athletes and 32 judges and technical team.

Oaxaca once again requested to be the headquarters of surfing because it is a sport that is practiced outdoors, in addition to the natural conditions that the state has such as the waves of Zicatela beach and Punta Zicatela, this is a tentative venue for the categories 15-16 and 17-19 in both branches, as the Technical Annex is awaiting.

It will be the first time that Oaxaca hosts a sport as national headquarters with the name of National Games Conade, since previously when the sports movement was called National Olympiad, the entity was the headquarters in 2007 with the sports of tennis, sailing, taekwondo, and lifting. of weights; all in Bahías de Huatulco.

The official letter issued by Conade is in response to the request that Include Oaxaca made to host the headquarters, which had also been granted last year, but due to the contingency of COVID-19 it was suspended, and for this year the headquarters for the entity is guaranteed.

Finally, Conade pointed out in the document that for the proper development of the event, joint actions must be coordinated during the planning and ensure a good service to all participants, as well as the implementation of corresponding health protocols to take care of the health of each delegation.

Source: municipiosdigitales.com

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