Oaxaca Police, in a state of drunkenness, ran over two food distributors who were traveling by motorbike


A group of distributors denounced that personnel from the Oaxaca Public Security Secretariat (SSPO) intimidated them when they went to file the complaint.

On the night of this Saturday, February 27, a road accident was recorded on Symbols Patrios Avenue, south of the city of Oaxaca, where two policemen in an apparent state of intoxication ran over a motorcyclist and his companion, who were fulfilling their duties as food delivery men for the DiDi company.

According to first versions, the two delivery men were run over minutes after eleven o’clock at night by a unit of the State Highway Police, attached to the State Police of the Oaxaca Public Security Secretariat (SSPO), which fled after the accident.

However, a piece of the patrol defense that had the registration number printed on it remained at the scene of the accident, where Red Cross paramedics had to go to transfer the delivery men to an IMSS clinic. Shortly afterwards, those responsible, identified as Antony Javier Ramírez and Daniel González Ibáñez , were arrested and placed at the disposal of the State Transit offices.

A video circulating on the networks shows the detainees aboard a patrol, and in an obvious state of drunkenness.

At the scene there was a piece of bodywork with the registration of the patrol (Photo: @AllOaxaca)

At the scene there was a piece of bodywork with the registration of the patrol (Photo: @AllOaxaca)

A group of distributors went to make the complaint at the offices of the Ministry of Public Security, but they affirmed that they were not attended to responsibly. They even pointed out, according to El Universal , that they were intimidated by at least 15 policemen.

In response, the group returned to the scene of the accident and carried out tire burns and protests against the police corporation.

Later, the road police recognized the involvement of their elements in the incident and the SSPO assured that they had already taken action on the matter:

“Given the events of the accident that occurred around 11 pm on February 27, in which a patrol of this corporation was involved, with a motorcycle on which two distributors from the Didi service were traveling; The necessary actions are being carried out and action will be taken in accordance with the law on the elements involved, ”he said in a statement.

A group of delivery men held protests at the scene of the accident (Photo: @AllOaxaca)A group of delivery men held protests at the scene of the accident (Photo: @AllOaxaca)

” The Ministry of Public Security endorses the commitment to the public, helping with the corresponding authorities in the investigations, so that he or those responsible can answer for the facts, ” he added.

In times of confinement,  the delivery of food and other products at home has been essential to avoid being exposed to the contagion of COVID-19 , but  this situation operates at the expense of those who do not have work benefits: the  delivery people of digital platforms .

They go on bicycles, motorcycles, others on foot, and  their work is substantial in the current health emergency , as they prevent people from leaving home and do not risk contracting COVID-19. Whether it is to deliver medicines, face masks, pantries or a hamburger, the application dealers work in unprotected labor conditions .

Meanwhile,  Rappi,  DiDi Food,  Uber Eats, and  Sin Apron, among others,  do not have an effective and formal responsibility towards them  by positioning them as ” independent service providers seeking additional income in flexible hours .”

Hired under a ” collaboration ” scheme, platform distributors are not recognized as workers in the formal and traditional sense of the term, which implies that they do not have the right to demand social benefits or guarantees of access to health.

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