December holidays begin in Oaxaca


 Laura arrived excited and accompanied by her family to the first square in this city to witness the lighting of thousands of light bulbs that formed a large network that illuminated, as if with magic, the Christmas tree of the Oaxacan Spring.

With a height of 16 meters from the base to the top, the pine was lit for the second consecutive year, by Governor Salomón Jara Cruz, who was accompanied by the Honorary President of the State System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family, (DIF ) Oaxaca Irma Bolaños Quijano, and members of her cabinet, the government of Oaxaca reported in a statement.

The Oaxaca State Music Band entertained minutes before starting the formal event, with the Christmas Tree Lighting Concert, a moment that families, couples and friends took advantage of to dance to the tunes of the melodies, while girls and boys played with their balloons or had fun with their colorful hats alluding to the dates.

On his occasion, the Oaxacan governor expressed that the tree symbolizes family roots, unity in prosperity and adversity, as well as the wishes that joy and hope prevail in each Oaxacan home.

“This colorful tree reflects the greatness of the people of Oaxaca, its deep roots, its cultures and its biodiversity, as well as the magic of our traditions. Tonight the message from the family of the State Government is that we begin our December festivities and traditions with human warmth and fraternity,” invited the Governor.

Suddenly the lights in the entire Alameda de León went out and hundreds of Oaxacans joined the 10-second countdown and with a single voice, the euphoria was present: 10, nine, eight… five… three , two one!

The monumental tree was illuminated and showed off its decorations of alebrijes stars and multicolored spheres made by Oaxacan artisans.

The eyes of Pedro, one of the many boys and girls who were present, opened huge and dazzled, with the 18 thousand warm LED lights that were used to dress the pine tree that was also lined with its best green garlands and that began to installed since last November 27.

The installation of the Christmas tree is part of the organizational project in which institutions such as the DIF Oaxaca, the secretariats of Administration, Tourism, Cultures and Arts, as well as Interculturality, Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples and Communities participate, in search of decorating the Historic Center, the Zócalo and the Alameda de León, and reiterate that the Oaxacan Spring is also warm and fraternal on these December dates.

The music, the applause, the fireworks, the amazement and enthusiasm of those who witnessed the lighting of the Christmas tree, crowned at the top by a five-pointed star, were an essential part of the union and brotherhood that characterize the Oaxacan people, who, like Laura and Pedro, met in the heart of the Historic Center of Oaxaca.

Source: Quadratin Oaxaca