American tourist killed during a fight outside a bar in Huatulco


The place where the crime occurred was closed by elements of the State Investigation Agency

Once again, a violent act against a tourist was recorded in Oaxaca, it occurred in Huatulco, outside the Princess Night Club bar, in Santa Cruz. According to local media, the events occurred at dawn on Tuesday, June 27, after a fight in which an American was beaten and shot, leaving him badly injured. The man was treated by paramedics who transferred him to a hospital, however , died while receiving medical attention due to the severity of his injuries.

His name was Samuel Kirby Beall, he was 30 years old, originally from San Antonio, Texas, but had lived in Oaxaca for some time, where he worked as a trainer at a place known as Gym de La Crucecita. On social networks he used to share photos of his work, the result of it and his routines.

Local media revealed that the place where the incident took place was a strip club and that after the murder of the American it was closed by elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI), who went to the entertainment center for adults to carry out the first investigations and evidence gathering.

On social networks, the Princess Night Club was promoted as a place with a concept “exclusively for open-minded people” in which shows, private shows, liquor bottles and beer buckets are offered.

Until now, and despite the investigations being carried out on the case, the motive for the crime has not been clarified, nor have any detainees been reported.

Other tourists murdered in Oaxaca

With the murder of the American Samuel Kirby Beall, there are three cases of attacks against tourists in Oaxaca so far this 2023. One of the cases arose in Lagunas de Chacahua, when three Argentines were attacked with machetes by a man from the state Guerrero

One of them, 23-year-old Benjamín Gamond, who was originally from Córdoba, Argentina, suffered serious head injuries. Despite receiving medical attention, nothing could be done for him, since he was brain dead. The young man had been living in Mexico for a few months.

The second case occurred on Monday, May 15, the victim was the 27-year-old Canadian tourist Víctor Masson, who was shot in the back while he was in a vehicle on Mar del Norte street in the neighborhood. Arroyo Seco, Puerto Escondido.

Source: El Heraldo de Mexico