Tourists accuse that they were charged 480 pesos for two beers in Huatulco, Oaxaca: “Fatal experience!”


Tourists denounced a case of excessive charging on a beach in Huatulco, in Oaxaca since they had to pay 480 pesos for consuming two beers.

According to the complaint, the visitors were originally from Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, and decided to go to La Entrega beach.

They only ordered two beers, the individual cost each one was 50 pesos. However, they had to pay for the use of the table and a base because they did not consume one dish per person.

The beach staff charged 300 pesos for the table and 40 pesos for the base. The bill amounted to 480 pesos for only two beers and the services, therefore, the tourists decided to make the case visible because it was an excessive charge.

On social networks, users expressed their dissatisfaction, as some pointed out that “it has become customary that the means for a better collection in high season is through the table charge or minimum consumption.”

In this regard, the Huatulco city council, in coordination with the Municipal Police, carried out an inspection at La Entrega beach and freed it from umbrellas, tables, chairs and lounge chairs.

“The beaches of Huatulco belong to everyone. (…) We want everyone to be able to freely enjoy this public space,” the authorities said on social networks.

Source: Milenio