Four children members of a basketball team died in a fatal accident in Oaxaca


The vehicle accident left a balance of 13 people dead and another 10 injured, according to preliminary reports

The minors Daniel, Ubaldo, Alex and Valeria were going to a basketball game in the capital of Oaxaca, but a car accident that occurred in that entity last weekend deprived them of their lives. Friends, family and colleagues gave them their final farewell in a ceremony held by the Valle de Chalco Basketball Training School, where they were training as athletes.

It was last Sunday, April 2, when a crash between an Urban-type vehicle and a Pick-up truck was announced. The mishap occurred on the Oaxaca-Cuacnopalan federal highway around 11:00 a.m., which left 13 people dead and another 10 injured.

The four infants were accompanied on that occasion by some parents and teachers. But at kilometer 211+900 -in the section that goes from Huitzo to Nochixtlán-, the wagon in which they were traveling was hit by a private vehicle.

Preliminary reports indicated that at least eight of the fatalities were inside the blue Ford truck, which had license plates from the State of Mexico. In this vehicle was a family traveling to Oaxaca. The other five people who lost their lives were traveling in a white Toyota Hiace van, which was circulating without license plates. Daniel, Ubaldo, Alex and Vale were traveling in this unit.

The passengers who were injured were transferred to different hospitals of the entity, while the emergency services moved to the scene of the mishap to cordon off the area, begin the corresponding inquiries and rescue the people who were trapped. Although the victims had already been identified by authorities, their names were not released for a couple of days.

Alex, Vale, Ubaldo and Daniel (12, 9, 10 and 7 years old, respectively) were brothers and members of the Morales Quiroz family, according to reports in El Heraldo. Their mother and maternal grandmother, identified as Daniel and Jovita, also died in this accident.

Due to these events, the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation folder for the crimes of injury and manslaughter due to vehicle traffic. Meanwhile, the bodies of the 13 deceased people were transferred to the Institute of Expert Services of San Bartolo Coyotepec, in accordance with the protocols established by law.

The Valle de Chalco Basketball Training School held a ceremony for its four students who lost their lives on Tuesday, April 4. “Valeria, Ubaldo, Daniel and Alexander are already on a different path (…) From heaven they will play with us and in the hearts of each one of those who were with them. We do not say goodbye, but see you soon”, was the message shared on social networks, accompanied by a video.

This last goodbye took place in a basketball court of the “Panteras” campus, located in the eastern part of the Valley of Mexico. In the patio, the photographs of the infants were placed, accompanied by floral arrangements and candlesticks. The assistants – dressed in white – prayed for the minors whom they remembered with applause and cheers.

For their part, other basketball schools expressed their condolences for the death of the infants, such as Galaxy Basketball, Reyes Basketball Academy and the Pro Basketball OPBEM A.C. organization.

Despite the fact that the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office began with the corresponding investigations, so far the possible causes of the car accident are unknown. Similarly, no people have been reported arrested for these events.

Source: Infobae