Presumed members of the Costa Cartel arrested in Oaxaca


Members of the criminal network of B.S.R or R.E.C, alias El Bogar, alleged head of the drug trafficking plaza on the Coast, were arrested yesterday in simultaneous operations carried out by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in the area with the support of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena).

According to the report, the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime, a unit specializing in the investigation of kidnapping crimes of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime Investigation of the Attorney General’s Office, requested the Federal Judiciary to authorize the intervention in five places to execute arrest warrants against B.S.R, alias El Bogar, as well as other people.

For this reason, when answering the official letter of the agency, a district judge specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the State of Oaxaca authorized them to enter the homes and arrest the five people indicated to be part of the drug transfer network on the coast.

During the actions of the Attorney General of the Republic and the Secretary of National Defense, they managed to arrest S.R.R, alias El Patrick, in Santa Cruz Huatulco and according to the National Detention Registry, he was admitted to the Altiplano federal prison, in Almoloya of Juárez of the State of Mexico.

In Puerto Escondido, J.S.S, alias El Zuca or Zucarita, was captured, and in the same area of the Oaxacan coast, N.R.M was captured, who would also be implicated in the investigation folder started in 2021 and whose arrest warrant was issued by the district court in Almoloya de Juárez in the State of Mexico.

After the arrests of the three people, they were transferred by air to the capital of the country to be presented to the authority that required it.

It was reported that the members of the military forces also searched two buildings in Huautulco and a ranch in the Río Grande to look for Bogar, but it was not possible to locate him, since he apparently managed to escape.

Source: NVI Noticias