The New York Times posts story featuring nude-swimming in the ocean on the beach of Zipolite


Jenna Wortham, a staff writer for the New Tork Times magazine, co-host of the podcast “Still Processing” and co-editor of the anthology “Black Futures,” came up with a piece highlighting the benefits of nude-swimming… check it out.

I heard about the gay beach the way I hear about all the good gay things: Through a lover, an ex-lover, my ex-lover’s new love. A warm mouth pressed against my ear on the dance floor, a dropped pin, an Instagram D.M. The murmurs were about a queer nude beach nestled along the coast of Oaxaca. It took a full day and a half to get there, flying first into Mexico City and then catching a shorter flight toward the Pacific.

When I landed, I got into a taxi with a few other folks heading to the beach. The driver looked at me sideways.

“Esta es tu primera vez?”

“Sí,” I replied.

“Por qué Zipolite?”

I hadn’t quite figured that part out yet, not enough to explain it. I shrugged. He shook his head and drove with his knees so he could use both hands to pantomime hordes of tourists attacking the dry countryside.

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Source: NYT

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