Viral: Foreign woman charges for teaching how to make tortillas and is criticized in social networks


A foreign woman who lives in Oaxaca dedicates himself to charging for teaching how to make tortillas with Nixtamal, a fact that has generated the anger of many users in social networks.

The ancestral cuisine gives us knowledge that is inherited from generation to generation, however a foreign woman did not care and dedicates herself to charge for teaching how to make tortillas.

A young woman on Twitter was the one who put the subject on the table by making known the case of a foreign woman who apparently lives in Oaxaca, where she teaches how to prepare nixtamal tortillas and sells this activity as a cooking experience.

According to user Tania Tangle, the woman charges a thousand pesos for the service and gives them a class to prepare the Mexican tortillas based on nixtamal.

“In my town there is a foreign lady who charges other foreigners a thousand pesos for teaching them to make nixtamal tortillas and sells it as ‘ancestral cuisine experience’. I already saw everything,” he wrote.

This has been labeled by Internet users as an abuse and a reprehensible act of advantage with a cultural aspect that does not belong to her.

Source: El Imparcial