PROFECO WARNING: These Oaxaca cheeses are dangerous for your health


Profeco analyzed 33 types of Oaxaca cheeses including reduced-fat versions and eight imitations.

After analyzing Manchego and yellow cheeses, creams, butter and other dairy products, now the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) has analyzed Oaxaca cheeses. In this analysis, he found cheeses that do not comply with the norm for this dairy product, NOM-223-SCFI/SAGARPA-2018, others that cannot be called cheese, because they add vegetable fat, among other irregularities such as causing health risks.

For the August edition of the Profeco Consumer Magazine, 33 types of Oaxaca cheese were analyzed, including reduced-fat versions and eight imitations, an analysis carried out by the National Consumer Protection Laboratory from April 27 to June 13, 2022. As a conclusion, he obtained that the brands that have vegetable fat content and that cannot be called cheeses are: El Rey Queso Oaxaca in bulk and Xaltepec Queso Oaxaca in bulk, content of one kilo.

Two cheeses imply health risks, which are: Don Lucas RS Bulk Oaxaca Type Cheese and Productos Lácteos HP SA de CV . imitation Oaxaca cheese in bulk.

In addition to the fact that “a total of 13 cheeses do not meet the fat, protein or moisture content declared on the label,” Profeco announced.

Three other brands did not declare on their label the minimum percentage they must have of fat and protein or maximum moisture as required by the NOM-223-SCFI/SAGARPA-2018 cheese standard, since three brands do not declare the percentage on their label. minimum fat and protein and maximum moisture.

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