Breaking News: Oaxaca allows recreational consumption of marijuana; there is no prohibition in its territory


The Oaxaca de Juárez City Council called on the Municipal Police to “refrain from causing annoyance to marijuana consumers in the capital’s territory”

Oaxaca de Juárez.– The City Council of Oaxaca de Juárez called on the elements of the Municipal Police to “refrain from causing annoyance to marijuana consumers in the capital territory”, the foregoing given that there is no municipal regulation that regulates or expressly prohibits the personal consumption of said substance. 

The foregoing was expressed by the municipal authority in an official letter in response to the request of the Cannabis Libre civil association and the members of the Plantón 4:20 Oaxaca, which for a few months have been installed in the El Llano park, in the Historic Center of the capital, as a way of demanding free cannabis spaces, where marijuana can be consumed without criminalization by the authorities. 

In the document, dated April 13 and addressed both to the members of the sit-in and to cannabis consumers, the municipality of the capital expresses that it has a commitment to respect human rights and that it recognizes “the work of organized civil society who peacefully exercise and defend their rights and those of other people, such is the case of the Plantón 420 organization.” 

According to the City Council, a respectful dialogue has been held with the members of the sit-in on the recreational consumption of marijuana in the municipal territory and, after this exchange, it was determined that “since there is no municipal regulation that expressly prohibits responsible personal consumption of cannabis in public spaces”, both the government and the organization agreed that “the minimum floor must be the Declaration of Unconstitutionality of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). 


In the said declaration, normative portions of the General Health Law are addressed, in which the need to protect the right of people who have not authorized their consumption is argued, “, especially in the case of children and adolescents.” 

Based on this, the municipality urged those interested to avoid consuming in places where children and adolescents are found or where there is express disagreement from other people, and to the police, if that is the case, “proceed only to make a call consumers to move to another site”.

This, the municipality abounded, while the revision and modifications to the regulations that govern for now are carried out “the actions of public servants see this Honorable City Council, in order to generate social and educated progress in our city, backed with the works and initiatives proposed at the national level”.

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