Oaxaca Police subdue normalistas who hijacked passenger buses


“The public is already fed up, there is fed up, and the truck is not going to pass”, was the expression of the commissioner of the state police of the Secretariat of Public Security, Raúl Castillejos, when stopping the vandalism of the supposed students of the Normalista school from Oaxaca.

Through an operation they managed to recover the transport units; however, there was a confrontation between both sides.

The Oaxaca Police carried out an operation to recover several public transport units, which were hijacked by a group of normalista students, unleashing a confrontation in the middle of a city avenue.

It should be noted that the events occurred in the vicinity of the source of the Eight Regions, in the northern part of the Oaxacan capital when the students tried to enter the Regional Center for Normal Education in Oaxaca with the third hijacked passenger bus.

Likewise, according to the first reports, the students of the State Normalista Student Coordinator (CENEO) were holding the units to move to the Huitzo toll booth, which is located on the highway from Oaxaca to Mexico City. .

State Normalista Student Coordinator (CENEO)

On the other hand, it was reported that the group of hooded people was transporting the public transport unit to the normalista facilities when they were intercepted by the police, who asked them to stop.

However, after ignoring the orders, the elements used tear gas at the unit, forcing the youths to get off the bus, at which point a confrontation broke out that left 2 students injured.

Finally, the Oaxaca Public Security Secretariat revealed that during the operation, firefighters, Molotov cocktails, chains, tubes, and other artifacts were seized from the youths.

Student complaint of police brutality after hijacking buses

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