Mi Pueblito, the restaurant in Oaxaca inspired by The Lord of the Rings


A restaurant that transports diners to the stages of The Lord of the Rings is also a sustainable project

You don’t need to travel to New Zealand, the place that served as a filming set for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, to visit places that transport you to these movies. In Santo Domingo Teojomulco, Oaxaca, there is a restaurant that looks like the scenery of these stories.


Almost four hours from the Oaxacan capital is the Mi Pueblito Restaurant, a peculiar place that seems to emerge from the subsoil, covered with vegetation, and whose shape seems fantasy. 

Mi Pueblito is a restaurant in Oaxaca that emulates the characteristic hobbit houses in The Lord of the Rings.

Vilio Martinez and his friends, fans of The Lord of the Rings, took advantage of nature and recycled materials to build Mi Pueblito, a restaurant that has been inspired by the scenery of The Shire.


The restaurant has been founded under the premise of “making magic with what they no longer want” using recycled and historical materials such as the sticks that held the town bells in 1521.


An experience that needs to be lived

The Mi Pueblito restaurant offers traditional Oaxacan products such as tlayudas and mezcals, as well as dishes and cocktails inspired by Tolkien’s stories. 

Mi Pueblito, el restaurante en Oaxaca inspirado en El Señor de los Anillos

In the same way, it is the only restaurant in the area that offers a specialty in seafood, in the words of Vilio Matínez “It is an experience that needs to be lived”. 

Where is Mi Pueblito located? 

Carretera a zenzontepec (heading to Puerto Escondido), 71395 Santo Domingo Teojomulco, Oax

Telephone for reservations: 951 124 1551

Average cost per person: 250 pesos



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