Zipolite, Puerto Ángel and Mazunte, some of the best beaches to relax


This natural paradise on the Oaxaca Coast is visited by adventure lovers, and even by famous people from different areas who want to go unnoticed and rest in complete calm.

By Lucio Gopar / Photos by Omar Maya Calvo and Max Scherenberg Noyola

San Pedro Pochutla, Oaxaca.- The beaches of Zipolite and Puerto Ángel are the most relaxed destinations to have an incredible time, where the atmosphere is less carefree than in other places. That is what those who visit this natural paradise love, where even famous people from different areas attend who want to go unnoticed and rest in complete calm.

And it is necessary to take into account that in addition to the most important tourist destinations on the Coast which are Bahías de Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, there is a diversity of options of tourist services, only between Huatulco and Pochutla is Huatunalco and Cuatunalco, that have a great variety in lodging and restaurants. Continuing to Pochutla you can find various options to stay on the beaches that belong to the municipality of Pochutla, such as Salchi and La Mina.

The views are impressive from the different angles of Mazunte

With regard to Puerto Ángel, it is a very old port with great history and people from several generations, having several restaurants on the shore of the beach, as well as tourist services that include accommodation of different levels, by the Estacahuite beach, the prestigious hotel that is Casa Bichu, where many famous people come for the excellent level of attention and quality of service.

Zipolite also has a very important tourist offer, where there are rates for all levels of accommodation for tourism that requires maximum comfort. There are also restaurants serving typical and international food, among which Italian and Argentine food stand out.

Zipolite is a beach of international recognition

Mazunte has a great presence for its beaches, as well as for having a large number of bars and restaurants of very good quality, where there is a cosmopolitan atmosphere. One of the most popular spots in Mazunte is the Peninsula called “Punta Cometa”, a place that has become mystical.

Some people say that they go to receive good energy and with this, they feel very recovered, or they go for hours to appreciate the panorama that from that place can be seen of the horizon, with more influx in the sunrises and sunsets.

For those interested in learning more about the lodging options, below are the details of the recommended venues:

– In Zipolite, the Hotel Nude: 9585843062 and 9581092509

– In Puerto Ángel, Casa Bichu: 9514157522 and 9585843130

– In Mazunte, the Hotel Rinconcito: 9581076347

We invite you to give yourself the opportunity to visit these beautiful places on the coast, where you will spend unforgettable moments with the people who accompany you.

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