Police evict hundreds of street vendors from the Historic Center of Oaxaca (video)

  • As a result of the eviction, there was a confrontation that left at least two people injured
  • Anti-riot elements entered the vicinity of the November 20 and Benito Juárez markets
They evict merchants from the center of Oaxaca;  organize protest

Since the morning of this Friday, anti-riot elements entered the vicinity of the 20 de Noviembre and Benito Juárez markets, where a large number of street vendors had been installed for more than two months when they were evicted from other streets in the center of the city.

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“Really, all the traveling friends who are here, unfortunately they don’t have any kind of paper, they don’t have any kind of permit, they don’t have any kind of document that endorses their presence here in this area,” said Víctor Hugo Galicia , Deputy Director of Public Road Commerce.

They asked them to voluntarily lift their posts, but in the face of their refusal, street trade inspectors and municipal police began to remove the mobile stalls.

En 3 meses, comercio formal reporta 80 mdp en pérdidas por ambulantaje

The merchants then attacked the police, throwing stones and sticks, the elements responded to the attack by launching tear gas against the street vendors.

The municipal police reported two elements injured by blows and stones, and from the side of the street vendors, it is unknown if there were people injured.

“They gave a few moments for them to do the eviction, and the removal of their structures, there was no response, then the operation entered to remove the structures and above all take control, there are no arrests so far, we have not come to stop , we come to take control, to reestablish and support the established trade ”, he added. Marcos Fredy Hernández, member of the Municipal Police.

Tras desalojo de comerciantes ambulantes, desinfectan calles del Centro  Histórico de Oaxaca | El Imparcial de Oaxaca

The police removed at least 600 semi-fixed posts in the streets of Las Casas, Flores Magón, Bustamante, 20 de Noviembre, Aldama and others surrounding the first square of the city.

Comerciantes activan bloqueos tras desalojo – RI Oaxaca

After the confrontation, the street vendors demonstrated in the municipal palace of the city of Oaxaca, to demand a dialogue table.

Clean up begins after removal of unlicensed street vendors

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Policía de Oaxaca desaloja a cientos de ambulantes – Noticieros Televisa

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