Oaxaca with saturated beaches despite a rebound in covid (video)


On the main beaches, hotel occupancy is between 55 and 70 percent.

In Oaxaca, the beaches are saturated with a high influx of tourists, both national and foreign. In addition, a global hotel occupancy of between 55 and 70 percent is reported, confirmed hotel organizations in the areas.

In Puerto Escondido, despite the fines for those who do not wear a mask, people have crowded the main beaches and Zicatela.

The municipal president of San Pedro Mixtepec, Fredy Gil Pineda Go par, affirmed that in the last hours he has arrested 30 people for not wearing face masks on public roads.

“It is impossible that a municipal government can with all the demand of people that are in the street; no government could,” explained the governor. ” 

You can’t fill the jail with people and you can’t stop the economy either, because we live off the people who visit us,” he said.

Meanwhile, other destinations such as Puerto Ángel and Mazunte also report overcrowding of their destinations and restaurant occupations of more than 60 percent.

In Bahías de Huatulco, the director of tourism, Raúl Sinobas Solís, accepted that his visitor stay exceeds 70 percent of hotel rooms.

He mentioned that service providers have applied their health protocols to prevent the contagion network from growing and asked the population to maintain mitigation measures and use of face masks.

Meanwhile, the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, urged visitors who choose the state to enjoy the holiday season, to abide by the recommendations and safety and hygiene protocols implemented by the tourism service providers and by the municipal authorities to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease by covid-19.

He recommended at all times to follow the basic recommendations, such as the use of face masks in public spaces, maintaining social distance, frequent hand washing, and respecting the measures that the municipalities and communities have established.

Source: milenio.com

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