With long lines, they wait for the vaccine in Oaxaca


OAXACA, Oax., March 9, 2021.- Between the cold and humidity of the night and early morning, older adults wait in long lines to be among the first to receive the anticovid vaccine this Tuesday in the city of Oaxaca.

Some of them spent the whole night in line, with the intention of not losing their place.

These lines began to form since last Monday morning, despite the indication that the vaccination day would begin this Tuesday at 8 in the morning.

With jackets, and some with blankets and chairs, older adults wait alone or with someone to start the registration and then the vaccination.

This March 9, 11 points in the city of Oaxaca were enabled to function as vaccination centers: the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, the University Gymnasium of UABJO, Casa Ejidal de La Joya, Plaza de la Danza, Cancha de Lomas de San Jacinto, the Estrella neighborhood Health Center, Guadalupe Victoria Court, Viguera Multiple Use Court, as well as the esplanades of the San Martín Mexicapam and Pueblo Nuevo agencies and the Dolores agency court.

Source: oaxaca.quadratin.com.mx

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