20 hospitals in Oaxaca collapse due to covid-19


The Oaxaca Health Services confirmed that 20 hospitals that treat patients with covid-19 are saturated

OAXACA, Oax. – The epidemic is still active and at its most critical point in the entity, given that 20 covid-19 hospitals have collapsed and, of the 682 available beds, 434 are already occupied, which represents 63.6% of occupation at the state level, confirmed the Health Services (SSO).

The head of the Department of Emergencies and Disasters of the SSO, Algeria Julián Aquino, reported that at the epidemiological cut on Tuesday 19, 215 new cases of covid-19 were registered, adding up to 31,811 accumulated in the entity.

In addition, he said, there are 569 active cases, of which the number one Sanitary Jurisdiction Valles Centrales registers 372, Mixteca 55, Costa 49, Istmo 33, Sierra 31 and Tuxtepec 29.

This without counting that there are 4,754 suspected cases, 28,926 people who have recovered and a total of 2 thousand 316 deaths, 23 on the last day.

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He pointed out that the number one Central Valles Health Jurisdiction adds 21 thousand 981 cases and one thousand 229 deaths; Isthmus, 2,661 and 360 deaths; Mixteca, 2 thousand 390 and 202, respectively; Tuxtepec, 2,147 and 287 deaths; Costa, one thousand 592 and 152, and Sierra, one thousand 40 cases and 86 deaths.

He mentioned that the 215 new cases are distributed in 67 municipalities, being that of Oaxaca de Juárez the one that occupies the largest number, with 52; Santa Lucía del Camino, 13; San Antonio Huitepec and the Villa de Zaachila, nine each; Huajuapan de León, eight; Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, Santa María Atzompa and Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, seven each; Salina Cruz, six, and the rest five, four, three, two and one case.

Similarly, he argued that, of the 2 thousand 316 deaths, the age group most affected is 65 and over, followed by 50 to 59 and 60 to 64 years, with a thousand 72, 531, and 372 respectively. By sex, 1,516 are men and 800 women. Associated comorbidities are high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and kidney failure.

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On the other hand, the Health Services announced that of the 19 thousand 500 Pfizer vaccines that were applied among health workers in the entity, 101 had allergic reactions after applying the biological one, that is, .5%: 99 with Non-serious symptoms and two serious ones, the latter with a multiple histories of drug allergies, who have already been discharged from the hospital.

Finally, they reminded the population that Oaxaca is in an epidemiological orange traffic light, so it is important not to lower our guard in sanitary measures, use the mask correctly to avoid infections and, mainly, stay at home if possible.

Source: oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx, proceso.com.mx

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