Oaxaca reports damages after tropical storm


Personnel from the Civil Protection Subdirectorate were deployed in various parts of the city to attend to reports of fallen trees, floods, among others.

Oaxaca City Council attends 55 reports of rain damage

At least 15 trees fell during the storm generated by Tropical Wave 13 that crosses the state

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca on July 6, 2020.- A total of 55 incidents such as tree falls, detachment of roofing, affected cables, collapses, as well as flooding in some parts of the capital city, attended the Oaxaca de Juárez City Council, through the Subdirectorate of Civil Protection, after the heavy rains that occurred on Monday afternoon in the Oaxacan capital.

Until 8:30 p.m., the municipal agency under the command of its owner Porfirio Díaz Rodríguez attended the so-called citizens who reported the fall of 45 trees in various parts of the city such as the Reforma, Volcanes, Centro, Vicente Suárez, Olímpica, Siete neighborhoods. Regions, Libertad, Heladio Ramírez and State of Oaxaca, among other points.

In addition, reports were attended in the agencies of San Felipe del Agua, San Martín Mexicapam, Guadalupe Victoria, and San Juan Chapultepec. For these tasks, at some points, they had the support of elements from the Social Proximity sub-directorates, as well as Transit and Mobility.

Also, as a result of the precipitations, three floods were registered: one in the La Paz avenue in San Juan Chapultepec, another in the Río Quiotepec in the Volcanes neighborhood and another one in the 7 de Enero street in the Reforma neighborhood.

Likewise, three incidents were documented due to the fall of wiring on public roads in the La Joya neighborhoods of San Martín Mexicapam, and the Vicente Suárez and Monte Alban neighborhoods. Also to mitigate risks for the population, in the Las Palmas subdivision, the area where an electric power transformer is located was cordoned off.

Among other reports, a roof detachment was attended in the Pintores neighborhood and a collapse in the area where the statue of Benito Juárez is located, in Cerro del Fortín. As well as in the street of Reforma, corner with Murguía, a sewer without cover was cordoned off.

Given the situation, the Civil Protection Branch is on alert to apply the corresponding protocols in terms of prevention and assistance to the population due to this hydrometeorological phenomenon.

The deputy director of Civil Protection, Porfirio Díaz Rodríguez, recommended to the population to be attentive to the weather reports issued by the authorities, in order to take the necessary precautions and avoid risks in the face of atypical rains.

Finally, it made available to the capitalists the telephone numbers of the Civil Protection Branch: 951 144 84 91 and 951 144 82 87, available 24 hours a day.

Source: nssoaxaca.com, excelsior.com.mx

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