After showing off a “peaceful retirement”, they try to evict street vendors from the Historic Center of Oaxaca


Just on February 14, the state government had showed off that, through dialogue, it was achieved that members of Sol Rojo and UACOL released spaces that they had been occupying for years in the center

Oaxaca de Juárez.- Elements of the Municipal Police of Oaxaca de Juárez and the State Police of Oaxaca implemented an operation in the streets of the Historic Center of the state capital to evict members of the social organization Sol Rojo, who intended to return with their street stalls and set up a camp to denounce the eviction attempts.

The operation was carried out on Gurrión Street, next to the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, and in one of the areas with the most presence of visitors due to its proximity to the tourist walkway of Macedonio Alcalá.

According to the artisans attached to the Sol Rojo organization, they set up a camp as a form of denunciation, since they were not allowed to install their street stalls and faced eviction threats.

According to testimonies narrated to EL UNIVERSAL, finally the artisans and merchants of Sol Rojo were evicted shortly after 10:00 in the morning by the police elements.

The operation took place after the Oaxaca government showed off on February 14 that, through “dialogue and various attention tables”, it had achieved the “liberation of public spaces” by members of the Union of Artisans and Merchants Oaxacans in Struggle (UACOL) and the Sol Rojo organization.

The state authorities recalled that for years members of both organizations remained “posted at different points in the Historic Center of the capital”. According to the Government Secretariat (Sego), thanks to a dialogue policy of the state administration, the “peaceful retirement” of both organizations had been achieved.

He highlighted that UACOL had been in a camp in the Alameda de León for seven years, while the members of Sol Rojo had been for more than half a year next to the church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, where this morning the eviction operation took place.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon the street vendors returned to plant themselves next to Santo Domingo, they are members of the Sol Rojo organization, led by Yolanda Ruíz, who after the operation that the police corporations implemented in the morning returned to take the place.

The merchants demand the municipal and state governments, that they let them reinstall in the area to sell artisan products and assure that that was the promise of the authorities.

Source: El Universal