A total of 178,832 intentional homicides have been officially registered in Mexico so far this six-year term


So far in the Administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, prosecutors have registered 178,832 intentional homicides in Mexico

The report ‘MX: The War in Numbers’, by   T-ResearchMX , details that, according to the registry of intentional homicides of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, from  December 1, 2018 to February 10, 2024 , time Under the Administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador , state and federal prosecutors have registered  178,832 intentional  homicides in  Mexico .

There are 178,832 intentional homicides so far this six-year term - homicides-en-mexico3-1024x576
Count of intentional homicides in Mexico. Photo by TResearch

It is observed that throughout the 63 months of   López Obrador ‘s six-year term , an upward trend in the registration of homicides has been maintained.

The month with the highest record of intentional homicides was   October 2020 , with  3,347 ; On the other hand, the month with the lowest registration of intentional homicides was  January  2024  with  2,134  events, compared to  February 2021 , considered by the authorities themselves as the month with the fewest murders.

The   Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection  (SSPC) highlighted that so far in   President   López Obrador ‘s six-year term  , there has been a  0.4 percent decrease  in  murders .

During  2021 , the decrease was  4.1 percent , in  2022  it was  7.1 percent , and  4.18 percent  in  2023 .

There are 178,832 intentional homicides so far this six-year term - homicides-en-mexico2-1-1024x577
Count of intentional homicides in Mexico by six-year periods. TResearch Chart

Comparing deaths in the same period in other six-year terms , the current Government leads the record of said crime with 178,832 incidents, higher than that of the last Administration, with Enrique Peña Nieto , who registered 122,472.

In the same period of former President Felipe Calderón ‘s government , 96,495 murders were recorded, and, in the government of former President Vicente Fox , 50,677 were documented.

Source: Lopez Doriga

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