Internet users harass the Morenista government of Oaxaca for a course to give attention “Disney-style”


This occurrence generated mocking reactions on social networks and memes ridiculing the Secretary of Tourism, Saymi Pineda Velasco.

The same secretary generated a controversy with the official poster of the Guelaguetza 2023 when on March 13, Governor Salomón Jara Cruz announced the winner, Luis Fernando Ramírez García, with “Embroidery of tradition and identity” (xylography, watercolor, grana cochineal).

Users of social networks pointed out that it was the plagiarism of a photograph of Diego Huerta.

The Morenista government backed down and on March 15 announced that the work “El festejo de Centéotl” by the artist Malinali García Díaz is the one that will appear in the July festivities.

Almost a month and a half later, the officials are once again part of the spotlight with satire and ridicule after issuing a statement in which they report that the State Government, through SECTUR Oaxaca, seeks constant training for the industry to raise the competitiveness of the services through the course “Attention in the Disney-style service”.

The course “consists of language management, extreme maintenance of the facilities, knowledge of the culture, professional preparation of food, that the crafts are of high quality and authentic, quality infrastructure that allows national and foreigners to enjoy and get to know the tourist attractions that Oaxaca offers”.

It details that the course “Attention in Disney-style service” taught by the federal SECTUR (formerly through the extinct Program for Regional Development of Sustainable Tourism and Magical Towns, Prodermágico) is based on the book “The 7 keys to Disney’s success” where the name is taken from.

It emphasizes that the administration of Salomón Jara Cruz seeks that the practice of tourism be a tool for integration and social reconciliation, an engine of economic development and well-being for Oaxacans, with full respect for the cultural and natural diversity of the destinations.

As soon as the information was released, mockery and questioning broke out, such as that of the Zapotec poet Irma Pineda when she posted on her Twitter account: “@IrmaYodo Wow! Oaxaca will become Disney (it almost is, but now it is official and without euphemisms)”.

The @geocomunitarias collective posted: “The next step. The sale of her mother in the disney style .. ”.

@MLS_censura wrote: “As you see the owner of @SECTUR_mx @saymipinedav, she promotes a DISNEY-style service course. Don’t think of turning #Guelaguetza into a #Comic, with that feeling of the Wonder Woman”. The text was accompanied by an image when Pineda dressed up as that character in 2022, when she was mayor of Pochutla.

The @antimonumenta collective highlighted: “#Estonoesunmeme Oaxaca is culture, art, history, a deep legacy… But what @SECTUR_GobOax comes up with is Disneylanizar @salomonj he just needs to put on his mouse ears.”

The writer Trino Maldonado @tryno ironized: “4T did not bring us health services like Denmark. But Disney is going to return to us to receive foreigners in a servile way ”.

Úrsula Camba, historian from the Colegio de México, also opined: “’Disney-style attention’ in the towns of Oaxaca. Is this a MOCK or what? Toledo rolls over in his grave.

Source: Proceso