The leader of the Triquis is arrested in the center of Oaxaca


Members of the State Police of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Oaxaca arrested the leader of one of the Triqui organizations, Lorena MM, and took her to the headquarters of said corporation.

The leader arrived this Tuesday morning at the portal of the State Government Palace as a protest and to sell products on the site.

Once again (as has happened since the zócalo) was cleared of protests at the beginning of the current state administration, the staff of the Secretary of Government invited her to talk, to which Lorena MM did not accept, for which they asked her to leave.

The police elements proceeded to the arrest her since she was also selling products without the corresponding permit.

It is worth mentioning that recently the Oaxaca state government has notified that it has complied with several of the requests from Triqui groups.

The Oaxaca Post