Celebration in Oaxaca jaripeo ended in shooting after armed attack on a criminal member


What began as a celebration in a jaripeo in a town in Oaxaca, ended in a shootout that left several fatalities and injured people. The violent events occurred in Tacache de Mina, belonging to the municipality of Huajuapan de León, during the patronal celebration.

Videos shared on social networks show the moments of tension that were experienced during the multiple shots recorded. At the center of the stage was a singer in a pink dress, who spoke a few words in front of the audience that was sitting, including older people.

However, from one moment to the next, the atmosphere in the jaripeo completely changed. In the background, a series of explosions began to be heard. At first, people did not react, since in this type of event, fireworks are usually activated, the sound of which can be confused with the detonations of firearms.

First a crash was heard, then another and so on at least nine times repeatedly. A volley of gunfire was then unleashed and the crowd began to disperse. Some jumped onto the stage while the panicked screams of the audience could be heard in the background, which, confused, did not know where the bullets were coming from.

Following these events that occurred on the night of Wednesday, February 22, it was announced that three men lost their lives and one more was injured, according to preliminary reports. One of the fatalities has not yet been identified, while the injured person had to be taken to a hospital for medical attention, although his state of health is unknown so far.

According to local media, among the men who died after the shooting was José B., who is presumed to be a member of a criminal group known as “Los Pochotes.” Despite the fact that elements of the State Prosecutor’s Office began with the corresponding inquiries and began an investigation file for the crime of homicide, so far, no people have been detained.

Regarding the possible causes for the armed confrontation, the authorities did not provide information. It was unofficially reported that the attackers would be alleged from members of Los Pochotes, who would have opened fire against two specific men who were in the audience. However, the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office has not issued an official statement in this regard.

Oaxaca homicides

During the month of January of this year, the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office opened 74 investigation folders for the crime of intentional homicide committed against men. In total, 80 fatalities were registered, of which 60 died due to an attack perpetrated with a firearm, 13 with a knife and seven with another unspecified element.

The municipality of San Pedro Pochutla was the one that concentrated the largest number of victims, with six in total. It was followed by Juchitan de Zaragoza (5), Oaxaca de Juárez (5), Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan (4), Santo Domingo Tehuantepec (4) and Salina Cruz (4). In Huajuapan de León, where the shooting in the jaripeo was recorded, only two were reported.

Regarding the intentional homicides against women, the State Prosecutor’s Office reported that five investigation folders were opened for the same number of victims. The crimes were reported in Oaxaca de Juárez (2), San Pedro Tapanatepec (1), Santa Cruz Amilpas (1) and San Jacinto Amilpas (1).

Regarding femicides, 12 cases were recorded in January. Four victims died from a firearm, two with a knife and six with another unspecified element. At least two of them were minors and seven adults.

Source: Infobae