This program promotes the culinary wealth of Oaxaca


With the aim of promoting the culinary wealth of Oaxaca de Juárez, they launch the Nanixhe de Oaxaca program.

The Nanixhe de Oaxaca program initiated by the Technological University of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca (UTVCO) in the Gastronomic Center located in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez, is open to municipalities from the eight regions of the state to promote their culinary, artistic and culture.

This initiative began in a first stage with traditional cooks and producers from Valls Centrales to later make its way to populations from other regions of the state, says Tania López, director of this house of studies.

She explained that the program is focused so that people from the municipalities that are present can share and disseminate their traditional cuisine.

And she has also allowed Gastronomy students and different producers to exhibit their culinary projects based on traditional dishes from the state, permanently.

Culinary program that also offers environmental commitment

During the presentation of each edition of the “Nanixhe de Oaxaca” program, in addition to offering a gastronomic sample of the town, it provides the opportunity for Gastronomy students from various universities to show the development of their culinary skills.

Combined with the invitation to traditional cooks from the regions and municipalities, in order to contribute to the dissemination of the multicultural wealth of Oaxaca.

As part of the commitment and responsibility to care for the environment, the Gastronomic Center has prohibited serving or selling food in disposable utensils.

We are providing a Gastronomic Center at the service of our people, since it allows the participation of our Oaxacan sisters and brothers,” López pointed out.

Finally, the directive reiterated that the culinary program is part of the strategic axes of the public policies of the State Government that allow a New Social Pact.

Since it promotes the communities so that traditional cooks, artisans and Oaxacan producers feel the space is theirs for the benefit of their economy.

López invited the authorities and cultural representatives of the 570 Oaxacan municipalities to be part of this scheme promoted by the UTVCO, in a space where the Extension of the School of Gastronomy of this educational institution will soon be inaugurated.

Source: The Food Tech