“Present Habitat, art, territory and techno diversity” will be exhibited in Oaxaca


Through different artistic proposals, the exhibition seeks to understand the ecological crisis that the country is going through from the local to the global level.

OAXACA, Oax. February 20, 2023.- The city of Oaxaca will host the contemporary art project Habitat present, art, territory, and techno diversity, which through performances, photography, sound art and different free activities for all audiences, will reflect on the current environment emergency in Mexico, while seeking to encourage an open dialogue.

The project is curated by Isabel Deheza Díaz de León, an independent artist who seeks to integrate visual arts, history, and social activism, covering topics such as the body, ecology, the city, and the crisis.

“It is no coincidence that this exhibition takes place in Oaxaca, since its lands and communities have witnessed environmental impacts and dispossession, as well as collective resistance,” the curator said in a statement.

The space for the production, experimentation and exhibition of contemporary art, El Recinto, manages and finances the project.

The invited artists are TRES + Media Lab MX, Bárbara Foulkes, Fernando Feria and Irizaida Navar, Bea Millón, Giovanni Fabián Guerrero, CYBORGRRRLS + JEQO, Miguel Cinta Robles and the collective of Lucía Hinojosa, Daniela Solís, Irene Trejo, Elena Solís and Pauline Grange.

Source: Quadratin