Oaxaca hoteliers ask to regulate digital platforms for lodging


The head of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels of Oaxaca, José Rivera Espina, reported that he recently met with municipal and state authorities to discuss the regulation of digital lodging platforms in the state and mainly in the capital.

He pointed out that they have approximately more than 3,000 houses registered on platforms such as Airbnb that function as lodging places; however, it is unknown how safe and healthy they are, so it is important to generate laws and regulations regarding these places.

He stressed that it is not an issue focused on economics but on generating fair competition, since the regulation of platforms, guidelines, disinfections, fumigations, health, and safety is unknown.

“The real impact is for the user and we don’t want Oaxaca to be on a bad note; It is part of it, because they are places where it is not known what happens inside, since the key is only given to a stranger and there is news that bad things happen in those places,” he lamented.

The president of the association stressed that not all places used for hosting on platforms such as Airbnb are unsafe, but the concern is general.

“The issue is the insecurity that may exist for tourists or the owners themselves, since it is not known who they receive, which is why the regulation of establishments and hosts is required,” he stressed.

Rivera Espina reported that they will work with the capital city council on issues such as regulating platforms by municipal law, which would make the city a pioneer at the national level in this action, since there are already in many places in the world such as Barcelona, Mallorca, Dublin, many regulated cities since 2020.

He shared that in Oaxaca de Juárez the eastern and western areas are where places that offer lodging through these platforms have been observed, which can be unsafe for residents.

He recalled that for two years they have informed the capital city council about their interest in regulating these establishments, so they will continue in meetings so that all parties are benefited.

Source: NVI Noticias