“Tamaleees oaxaqueñooos”: 5 places to try these delicacies in the Center of Oaxaca


The most common are the mole in banana leaves, but regardless of the ingredients, in Oaxaca you can have a good bite with tradition.

Oaxaca de Juárez.- Whether or not it is Candelaria Day, tamales are one of the most consumed foods in many of the country’s states and Oaxaca, with its great gastronomic tradition, is no exception.

In the same way that happens in the case of moles, bread or sauces, each region has its shapes that add variety to the preparation and ingredients of traditional foods.

In the case of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, for example, it is common for black mole tamales to be wrapped in banana leaves, while the rest are presented in totomoxtle leaves; Perhaps for this reason, in other states of the Republic, Oaxacan tamales are identified as those that are wrapped in the leaves of this fruit.

“Tamaaaaleeees oaxaqueñoooooos”, chants the recorded voice of the carts that for years has sounded in Mexico City and that has become so famous on social networks; however, the varieties and fillings of the tamales in Oaxaca are very varied.

In the capital of Oaxaca, the most common are those made with banana leaf mole; those of chepil, a herb with a very characteristic flavor; those of yellow mole with chicken or beef; those of beans with avocado or rabbit leaves; the sweet ones that are usually pink and filled with raisins.

Five places in the city of Oaxaca where you can have a good bite with tradition.

La Merced Market

The tamale corner is undoubtedly one of the best known in the city, where you can find vendors with large baskets or metal pots that keep the heat of this delicious corn. The fact: arrive early because they run out soon.

Corner of Hidalgo and November 20

One of the nocturnal gastronomic delights of the Historic Center of the city is located just one block from the Zócalo and Alameda de León. Mina tamales are widely known by the locals, although contrary to the morning tradition of this food, the sale begins around 7:30 p.m. The fact: do not arrive so late, because they are gone.

Market November 20

With an infinity of dining rooms ready to offer a wide variety of the culinary delights of this land, in the 20 de Noviembre Market there is the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a tamale along with its respective chocolate, atole or champurrado.

Benito Juarez Market

Perhaps a bit austere but always reliable, available and at a good price, the tamaleras in this market will always have a well-prepared sauce on hand for the chepil and bean tamales, which can be eaten or taken home. The corridor where they are placed has access to Miguel Cabrera street.

Garcia Vigil’s corner with Morelos

It is a well-known corner because there is a very visited bank, but beyond the confines of the ATMs, there is the street stall of Doña Mari, which, to the taste of the Defeños People from Mexico City) who visit the city, has bolillos with which you can prepare those rich caloric bombs known as turkeys. Fact: there are also chilaquiles.

Source: El Universalhttps://oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx/mas-de-oaxaca/tamaleees-oaxaquenooos-5-lugares-para-probar-estas-delicias-en-el-centro-de-oaxaca