Wife and children of police chief disappear in Oaxaca


After finishing his night shift, the commander arrives at his house, and he does not find his family

The wife and two minor children of the commander of the Municipal Police of Santa María Mixtequilla, municipality of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, have been missing since the 16th of this month, reported the municipal trustee of that town, Karen Gutiérrez.

According to preliminary information, one night before the disappearance of the woman and her two children, the head of the Municipal Police went to work at the headquarters and the next day, when he returned home, he did not find his family.

Shortly after, reported the municipal trustee of Santa María Mixtequilla, the Isthmus Regional Vice Prosecutor’s Office learned of the disappearance of the mother, the six-year-old boy and the four-year-old girl.

Santa María Mixtequilla is a small municipality near the north of Tehuantepec, in the Isthmus region, where in recent months there has been a high level of violence due to a series of direct murders of people, both in the town and in neighboring towns.

Through the office of the municipal union of Santa María Mixtequilla, the local authority is requesting the support of the neighboring communities so that they report any element that leads to the location of the minors and their mother.

Source: Informador