Tacos Dorados Are The Perfect Way To Spice Up Your Next Taco Night


It’s hard to pin down what makes tacos so delicious, but Sun Valley Mag.com reports that in the U.S. we eat nearly 5 billion of them annually. Tacos are so beloved and widely consumed that Netflix tantalizes with a show called “Taco Chronicles” – narrated from the point of view of the tacos themselves. Tacos have evolved into countless different forms, from tried-and-true traditional recipes to intriguing forays into fusion – with the warm, unifying tortilla welcoming a wide variety of cuisines and cultures into its loving embrace.

There are soft tacos, there are hard tacos, and then there are fried tacos — or tacos dorados. In Mexico and on authentic stateside menus, you’ll see such delights as birria — slow-cooked meat and melty, stringy Oaxacan cheese in golden-brown fried shells that as if that wasn’t mouth-watering enough — get dipped in a rich consommé. While most Americans are likely familiar with corn and flour tortillas and taco shells, which were invented this side of the border (per The New York Times), it’s less common to see fried tacos on the typical Taco Tuesday table. So what are tacos dorados, exactly, and how do you make them?

Source: The Daily Meal