Planning a surfing trip to Mexico?


From the Baja Peninsula all the way down to the beaches of southern Oaxaca, Mexico’s Pacific Coast is a veritable aquatic playground for surfers of all levels.

From big-name surf competitions to secret coves with gentle lapping waves, everyone from the international pros to the extreme beginners will be able to catch a perfect wave along Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

The Baja Peninsula has been a favorite surf spot for world travelers chasing that endless summer for decades. Spots like Ensenada and Todos Santos are legendary. But it is far from over at the end of the peninsula.

Mazatlan in the state of Sinaloa, Punta Mita along the coast of Nayarit, Troncones in Guerrero, and the area around Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca are other A-list Mexican surf breaks worth diving into.

In fact, just off the coast of Puerto Escondido is the world-famous Mexican Pipeline, which is one of the top places to surf on the planet.

Mexico Daily Post