4 restaurants and 1 mezcalería to visit in Oaxaca


Oaxaca invites you to these restaurants that have been representing the food and drink of the state for years.

These restaurants and the mezcalería in Oaxaca are one of the best gastronomic places in that state where you can get to know both the culture, the history, its traditional food and drink.

Their menus range from very simple dishes, with exquisite flavors that you will love, to more complex ones that you have probably never seen but would dare to try.

1.- Los Danzantes

The first restaurant in Oaxaca that you should go to is Los Danzantes, where the Oaxacan tradition is very present, both in the food and in the atmosphere. The most requested dishes are the huitlacoche tempura croquettes with yellow mole and the hoja santa with quesillo and chile meco miltomate.

2.- Pitiona

Another highly recommended restaurant in Oaxaca is Pitiona, due to its combination of art and food, mixing the avant-garde and the ancestral. The culinary manager is chef José Manuel Baños, who has prepared great dishes such as deep-fried suckling pig tacos with handmade blue corn tortillas, rib eye toast bathed in yellow cheese or grasshoppers.

3.- The Mezcaloteca

Although it is not a restaurant, it is a mezcalería from Oaxaca where it focuses on the history and origin of the traditional drink in Mexico. La Mezcaloteca is a bar where you can find a great variety of mezcal, getting to know new flavors in the middle of a pleasant atmosphere.

4.- Levadura de Olla

Continuing with a restaurant in Oaxaca, Levadura de Olla is one of the most famous on the list. Its menu is also focused on making the traditional food of the state known through flavors.

Here you can try very simple but very delicious dishes, for example, eggs on a griddle, picaditas and quesadillas. If you want something more prepared, we recommend the green segueza with fish, pickled vegetables and holy grass.

Source: Top Adventure