Video: Now in Oaxaca, they capture two dogs wandering with human remains in the streets


Oaxaca, Oax.- Two dogs were caught wandering with one arm in their muzzle through the streets of the San Martín Mexicapan municipal agency in the capital of Oaxaca, neighbors reported through the emergency services.

Experts from the Oaxaca Prosecutor‘s Office arrived at the scene, while the municipal police cordoned off the area.

According to the neighbors, a dog was first observed walking with one arm in its snout through the streets of the municipal agency.

While the police inspected the area, they received another warning that another dog was walking with another limb behind the Offices of the Work Training Institute (Icapet).

The workers captured through a video the moment in which the dog was walking with one hand, which it had extracted from garbage bags accumulated in the streets.

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The police report is that the body of a man has already been located, whose identity is unknown. The experts carry out the corresponding investigations.

On social networks, this news has caused an impact and alert, and even more so because the capital of Oaxaca has been in a conflict over garbage for almost a month since it does not have a dumpster to deposit its waste.

Now in Oaxaca, they capture two dogs wandering with human remains in the streets

At the end of last October, a dog carrying a human leg in its muzzle led to the discovery of a clandestine mega grave in Irapuato,  where more than 50 bags with human remains have been found so far. Neighbors of the Santa Fe de la Guanajuato city notified the municipal police and the search group ‘Hasta Encontrarte’, which led to the location of the place, located in the vicinity of a vacant lot.

Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) went to the area, where they began with the work of exhuming the remains that were found in black plastic bags. The discovery occurred on Friday, October 28. The FGE reported that the bags were found on a dirt road, next to the fence of the railroad tracks, in the Fraccionamiento Santa Fe Segunda Sección.

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Days before, the Zacatecas Attorney General’s Office recovered the rest of the human being that was seen in the mouth of a dog while walking in the municipality of Monte Escobedo.According to various national media, 

other human remains were found inside some ATMs of a financial institution.