400 companies want to relocate in Mexico


Given the need to strengthen regional markets due to the global economic crisis after the pandemic and war conflicts, “there is a list of just over 400 companies that want to relocate to Mexico,” said the head of the Ministry of Economy ( SE), Raquel Buenrostro.

Within the framework of the energy resolution consultations for the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada, requested by those countries, he said that “we hope to have very concrete progress before the end of the year.”

The federal official explained that the growth forecasts recently presented by Carlos Slim, with rates of up to 6 percent, are viable due to the investments that are expected in the country and the growth in formal employment that it would generate, although she recalled that the projections for the Next year they were already presented by the Ministry of Finance in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The situation in Mexico is unbeatable and is recognized not only by Mexicans, like Engineer Slim, but also by all countries in the world.”

Referring to the fact that there are some 400 companies in other parts of the world that are considering locating in Mexico, he explained that the SE will begin meetings with the business chambers “to see which ones want to relocate, above all to generate more investment and greatly promote the part of the

and the south-southeast part, in addition to the Sonora Plan where renewable energy issues will be discussed”.

When attending the morning press conference at the National Palace yesterday, he commented that talks are being held with US authorities through the four blocks in which the consultations requested by Washington on energy matters are analyzed.

“Of the four blocks we have also worked very hard with the entire energy sector to integrate the responses. We believe that the integration of these questions is already well advanced and we are already looking for work group meetings again this week to begin exchanging information,” added the official.

Source: .jornada.com.mx

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