Whirlwind knocks down trees and floods sections of Oaxaca


OAXACA, Oaxaca. June 7, 2022.- The proximity of tropical storm 3 caused heavy rains in the city of Oaxaca.

On Ferrocarril Avenue, before reaching Calicanto in Santa Lucía del Camino, a tree fell on a vehicle; a laurel fell on the esplanade of the capital’s zócalo; behind Soriana in the Reforma neighborhood a jacaranda tree fell on some vehicles, another one on the Plaza Bella cruise, so far no injured people have been reported.

May be an image of body of water
May be an image of body of water

Among the damage reported was the fall of a tree in the Zócalo of the city. Also a luminary in the transept of the ADO bus terminal.

May be an image of street, body of water and road

The laurel that is located in the capital’s zócalo fell this Tuesday afternoon, due to the heavy rain and gusts of wind that hit the state capital, fortunately, no injured people were reported, despite the cumbersomeness of the images that are already circulating on social networks.

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Firefighters went to five points in the city where they reported fallen trees.

The flooded streets are reported in Calle de Eucaliptos in the Reforma neighborhood, Calzada Héroes de Chapultepec, San Martín Mexicapam. Accumulation of water on Calle Oriente 5, corner of San Luis Potosí, Col. Bravo Ahuja, Santa Lucía del Camino. Puddles in the vicinity of the Civil Hospital of Oaxaca.

And on Emilio Carranza street, Oaxaca, they report the fall of a luminaire.

They also report that the reception of the Oncology and Radiotherapy Center, in the Estrella neighborhood, is flooded.

And they report without electricity on some streets in Santa Rosa Panzacola. 

Elements of the Heroic Fire Department and Civil Protection carry out the corresponding tasks to help citizens and open the way. In addition to chopping and cleaning fallen trees to avoid accidents.

The Collective of Environmentalist Organizations of Oaxaca (COAO), had denounced for several months that the trees of the zócalo should be taken care of, since due to the lack of adequate maintenance they run the risk of falling, which happened this Tuesday afternoon, from According to versions of some witnesses, a loud noise was heard, fortunately, due to the rain, there were no people sitting under the tree.

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It should be remembered that in September 2020 two trees fell from the capital’s Zócalo, where only one person was reported with minor injuries, just a few weeks ago a tree from Paseo Juárez el Llano fell on Juárez Avenue, and on that occasion, material damage was reported and it is that at the time of the incident several cars were circulating.

May be an image of 2 people and body of water

In some streets, they reported the accumulation of water and the formation of rapid streams had formed across the city.

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