Huatulco, an ideal place for film productions due to its beauty


SANTA MARÍA HUATULCO, Oaxaca.- Huatulco is at the height of any place in the world to be the location of film, television, series, or video productions since it has virgin places, quality in tourist infrastructure, and warm people, considered the producer Andrés Carmona.

HUATULCO – Viajes Nacionales e Internacionales

During scouting (exploration of places to make a film) for the recording of a music video and a destination movie, the renowned producer who has made series on platforms such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, Netflix, Televisa and Collaborating in various film productions, he recognized Huatulco as a place full of possibilities due to its scenic beauty, virgin places, human quality, and high-level service providers.

Huatulco, ideal for international productions

“Huatulco is at the same level as the world, it is ideal for international productions. (Among other conditions that favor are) the human quality, the fact that there are virgin natural places, that works quite well for us in television and cinema, and the conditions of service providers that we have here are of a high level and also help a lot to produce”, Held.

The creator, who carried out work for two days prior to the recording of a video clip for singer Alex Machuca, stressed that the fact that Huatulco has a first-class infrastructure generates confidence and security for filmmakers, since “it is a guarantee that we are in good hands, with experts and people who know the area”.

“Places like Huatulco have always been in the sights of foreigners and we have the opportunity to show it the way it is; Documenting it as it is, works a lot for history, for reality shows, programs or any other audiovisual project, which allows us to be promoters of this place and of all of Oaxaca,” he said.

Film projects at the door

For his part, the director of Municipal Tourism of Santa María Huatulco, José Figueroa Hernández, confirmed that Huatulco meets all the conditions to host major film projects, which is reinforced by the presence of a local Film Commission and the filming every more frequent of films or diverse productions.

In this sense, he reported that in a few days the recording of the destination film Sal Azul will begin, in which the City Council grants all the facilities, not only in the search for locations, but also in the processing of permits, assistantships in road issues and accompaniment in scoutings.

He announced that Huatulco will host in the last quarter of the year the tenth annual meeting of Mexican Film Commissions, as well as the second camp of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine), which will bring together 30 filmmakers who have won budgets close to one million pesos to generate audiovisual products.


The official reiterated that service providers grouped in associations and business chambers are waiting for the arrival of this type of production in order to provide their services with discount schemes to facilitate the work of the production houses.

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