Huatulco issues warning to avoid the capture and consumption of shrimp and river prawns


Due to a possible contaminant agent, they ask the inhabitants to avoid the consumption of shrimp and fish, since it could cause intoxication.

Oaxaca. – The municipality of Santa María Huatulco determined to prohibit the capture and consumption of fish, shrimp, and river prawns “chacales”, in the river of the demarcation due to contamination caused by a discharge of sewage and chemical substances.

According to the director of Municipal Civil Protection, Roberto Carlos Martinez Pérez, in an area of ​​the riverbed, a strange mortality of species was identified, mainly river prawn and shrimp, for which they were alerted by neighbors, starting an operational and technical review work in the zone.

He said that a tour of the stream bed was carried out, located between the towns of “Los Barrios”, “La Poza” and “La Soledad”, in order to take laboratory samples in order to detect contaminating agents. that caused the mortality of the species.

He indicated that in this dry season, there are people who use lime or other toxins to catch the shrimp that are in the stream, seeking to sell them in the regional market, although the contamination discovered could also be a consequence of some agrochemical used for pest control that was discharged by some clandestine discharge.

Martínez Pérez clarified that until the reasons for the environmental damage to the river are clarified, the entry of bathers into the river will be restricted, as well as the fishing of species that may generate a problem of intoxication in people.

He stated that the collected samples were sent to the public health laboratory to have a chemical analysis to identify the causes of the river’s contamination.

Roberto Carlos Martínez Pérez, director of Civil Protection of Huatulco, lamented that since the impact of hurricane “Paulina” was reported, the treatment plant was destroyed and, consequently, the drainage network of the municipality was fractured, so that all the housing developments throw their residual and sanitary discharges to the bed of the channel.


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