Video: Tourists break out in massive brawl in Huatulco restaurant


Through social networks, the video was broadcast in which it is observed how the mostly young tourists begin to attack each other.

A group of tourists carried out a pitched fight in a restaurant in Huatulco, Oaxaca.

According to various reports, the images on the screen were recorded on January 28, in a restaurant on El Maguey beach 

The screams of the participants in the fight and the witnesses who ask to stop are also heard

“Leave it, leave it!” a woman is heard saying on the recording.

According to some reports, at least a dozen people were injured, none of them seriously.

According to some witnesses, the flight originated from an argument because the music was too loud.

So far it is unknown if there were any detainees.

More than a dozen people were injured, while the Huatulco Municipal Police was conspicuous by its absence, it is expected that the authorities take action on the matter to control these violent groups that arrive in Huatulco.


The Oaxaca Post