Mexican trans architect will design the first muxe museum in Oaxaca


Gislenne Zamayoa is a 51-year-old Mexican-Colombian architect. For a little over two decades, she assumed herself as a trans woman, since then she has been a victim of harassment and discrimination at work. 

His transition was hard, being in the middle of a work environment made up mostly of men; however, that did not stop her. 

“We have to learn to understand that gender does not define people, it is simply how they feel comfortable,” he said in an interview.

It was during 2016 that the BBC in London included her as one of the 6 most successful transgender women who break the mold in Latin America.

Gislenne has her own architecture studio and is currently designing the first muxe museum in Oaxaca. 

Being a trans architect has allowed her to combine her profession with activism where she fights for the rights of the LGBT+ community.

“I sought to become independent and make my own firm where, well, I have not only dedicated myself to putting a little stamp on it (…) Project that I touch not only make it LGBT, but I try to include or hire trans people from the community to be able to continue giving that push and show a little bit to society that the world is not only about patriarchy,” he said.

One of the most relevant activists in the trans community will build this museum in Juchitán 

Gis Zamayoa has an architecture office and several projects on the horizon, including the museum in Juchitán.

She is an architect with a specialization in urban management, and master’s degrees in corporate design from the Universidad de los Andes, in industrial architecture from the Universidad Bolivariana de Medellín, and sustainable design from the Universidad Católica de Chile.

She has worked at Coca-Cola and Apple before creating his own architecture firm and has promoted the inclusion of trans people in various projects.

In 2016, the BBC included her as part of the six existing transgender women who break molds in Latin America.

Arquitecta Gislenne Zamayoa diseñará museo muxe en Oaxaca

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