The pandemic is active in 215 municipalities of Oaxaca


In the last hours, 6 deaths and 1,155 new infections of Covid-19 were registered, for a total of 7,089 patients with the active virus; there are 11 saturated hospitals .

Epidemic peak will continue to increase rapidly if the population does not strictly apply health standards .

Oaxaca, Oaxaca. – The wave of infections of Covid-19 does not give up in Oaxaca, because this Thursday new records were registered so far in the pandemic, with 7,089 people with the viral disease in the maximum contagion phase and 1,155 new cases, to make a global of 98 thousand 348 records, according to figures from the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO).

The institution is emphatic in pointing out that as long as the population as a whole does not strictly apply all health regulations, such as: wearing face masks, keeping a healthy distance, washing hands with soap and water, as well as avoiding crowds, the epidemic peak will continue. increasing rapidly.

The collaboration of all and all is needed, because only in this way, the loss of human lives and the saturation of the medical network, which this Thursday was 37.2%, will be avoided.

And it is that the institution has also recorded six deaths, totaling 5,727 deaths, 85,532 people have recovered from the disease and there are 6,327 suspected cases.

By Sanitary Jurisdiction, Central Valleys reports 59 thousand 099 confirmed cases, two thousand 547 deaths, and four thousand 171 active cases; Isthmus 14,020 confirmed, 1,217 deaths and 1,137 active; Tuxtepec seven thousand 328 confirmed, 573 deaths and 712 active; Costa seven thousand 07 confirmed, 478 loss of human lives and 546 assets; Mixteca seven thousand 601 confirmed, 587 deaths and 362 active; Sierra three thousand 293 confirmed, 325 deaths and 161 assets.

The 1,155 new cases are distributed in 126 municipalities, with Oaxaca de Juárez in first place with 288, followed by Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa with 81, Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán with 64, Huajuapan de León with 53, Salina Cruz with 52, and San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec. 40, Juchitán de Zaragoza and Loma Bonita 27 each, Santa Lucía del Camino and Santa María Atzompa 26 each, Ciudad Ixtepec 25, San Antonio de la Cal 20, the rest 19 to a single case.

Of the five thousand 727 deaths, two thousand 071 have been women and three thousand 656 men; the most affected age group continues to be 65 years and over with 2,678, followed by 50 to 59 with 1,201, 60 to 64 with 784. The main associated comorbidity is arterial hypertension with 39.3%, followed by of diabetes with 36.6%, obesity 21.1%, and kidney failure 6.5%.

The Health sector reported 11 hospitals that are at 100% capacity, with eight new hospitalized patients out of a total of 161 who are receiving medical care, there are 272 beds available out of 433 destined for SARS-CoV-2 care.

In relation to hospital occupancy, the global medical network is at 37.2%, the Sanitary Jurisdiction of the Mixteca has 68.4% saturation, followed by Valles Centrales with 44.9%, and Tuxtepec with 34.1%.


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