Drunk American taken to Oaxaca hospital after 15-day binge


A man was channeled to the hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security who was found unconscious in a hotel room located on JP García street on the corner of Mina in the capital city and was as a result of drinking alcohol for about 15 days.

Hotel staff located on the aforementioned street in the city of Oaxaca indicated that the man was registered as Michel W., 64 years old, originally from Chicago, United States, but that for 15 days he left his room only to buy liqueur.

At 3:30 p.m. yesterday, the hotel staff, upon entering the room, found him unconscious, and for which they decided to request the support of the police and paramedical personnel.

“There is a dead person inside a hotel,” it circulated on social networks, but when paramedics from the Halcones volunteer group arrived, they confirmed that he still had vital signs.

During the examination, no injuries were observed and according to reports from hotel staff, the man has been drinking intoxicating beverages for days.

Michel was helped, but already with severe health problems due to alcohol intake, and was transferred to the hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute, where he remained bedridden and his health status is reported as delicate.

Source: nvinoticias.com

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