Yalitza Aparicio responded to the criticism that a YouTuber made about her English


A few days ago the YouTuber Superholly, who teaches English through YouTube videos, uploaded a video in which she intended to criticize the English spoken by the actress from Rome, Yalitza Aparicio.

According to the account in the video, he found an article hanging around the internet in which they assure that the actress speaks “perfect English”, something that surprised him because it seemed extraordinary to him that Aparicio learned English so quickly. What he did not count on is that he would not have much material to analyze Yalitza’s language.

The video in which the YouTuber criticized Aparicio’s English skills, did not take long to reach her and she also responded with a video in which she reacts to the criticism made by Holly Tuggy.

“Since they said in this article that she sounds like a native, the truth is that I did believe her and said ‘How can it be that in a few months or a couple of years she has learned English so well? ‘ It definitely sounds like someone who is reading in English and pronouncing in Spanish here,” was Holly’s first impression of the Oaxacan native’s English, however, she said she felt “scammed” because she didn’t find many videos of the actress from Rome speaking English.

“I think that there we all feel scammed. I was excited too, ” the famous woman begins after seeing this first part of the video. “ I have not looked for videos of me speaking English. I did not know that I spoke English, I had not found out, ”says Yalitza half-jokingly.

“The effort is made, but it costs a lot, as he says it takes time, it is a process. I don’t think so speaking perfect English anymore, the truth is that right now I don’t think so. Also, in this short, the intention of the director was exactly that. She is a Mexican girl who had to go to the United States” , explains the also Cartier and Prada ambassador.

The actress expressed that just in the meeting she had with the director of the short film “Daughters of Witches” (video analyzed by Holly), they suggested what type of accent she had to use in the short film, for which they came to the conclusion that precisely The intention was that: that his character sounded like someone who is not native. “Something that the director mentioned a lot is that it was fair that it had to be noted that she was not from there. That she was not native, ” said the famous one.

Yalitza also says that it was very difficult for her to give the interviews in the United States without her knowing English, as well as thanking all the translators who were with her during all those interviews because she assures that without them she could not have done it, even She thanks Marina de Tavira, her co-star in the film, as she was a great support to her throughout the promotion of Rome.

Source: revistafama.com

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