Coffin left lying on La Ventosa highway


OAXACA, December 5, 2022.- Motorists reported that a coffin was dumped on the La Venta-La Ventosa highway in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

On Tuesday afternoon, they shared on social networks the image in which the coffin is seen face-up, uncovered, and the lid to one side.

The first impression caused astonishment and fright because in the distance it was not known if the coffin carried a corpse.

The comments immediately began to speculate and joke about what would have happened.

Some said that the dead man escaped them, that if you bought a coffin and it never arrived, you already know where to find it or that someone dropped his dead body and you didn’t even notice.

So far it is only presumed that the strong winds that the cold front 19 has brought with it would have thrown the coffin of the vehicle in which it was transported.


The Oaxaca Post