Oaxaca de Juárez, we want to see you always in its glory


OAXACA: There is a saying that love is born from sight. Those of us who live in the Oaxacan capital love our city for its architectural beauty, for its clear sky or red clouds, for its huge, leafy laurels, and for those of smaller stature that surprise us on any given day when they are dressed in purple, yellow, pink.

Centro Histórico, lo mejor que hacer en Oaxaca, Oaxaca | ZonaTuristica

We love Oaxaca for its street musicians who manage to take us to the continent of memories with an old tune; for its artists who walk confidently down the street on any given day; for their cravings that we cross our path. The nicuatole or the fritters, to name a few.

Se pronuncian empresarios a favor del retiro de puestos ambulantes en el  Centro Histórico

We love Oaxaca for its baroque domes and facades; for the pigeons that flutter when a child runs through the atrium of the cathedral, for its markets full of aromas that whet the appetite regardless of the time of day: grasshoppers, empanadas de San Antonino, frazzled mugjo.

Oaxaca de noche

We love Oaxaca because among the rush, we know that there is a bench in the zócalo, or in some other park, inviting us to take a break to take a breath and enjoy our friendly landscape, even for a few minutes.

El zócalo de Oaxaca huele a limpio y a… ¡¡¡negociaciones corruptas!!!

We love Oaxaca because we will always, always, find something beautiful to observe in our path, a detail that has gone unnoticed, a lost trill among the bustle of the traffic of cars and people.

For this and much more, those of us who live in the Oaxacan capital love our city.

Centro Histórico, lo mejor que hacer en Oaxaca, Oaxaca | ZonaTuristica

For this reason, on this first of January 2022, we ask our new municipal authorities to fully assume the responsibility that their public positions entail, to strengthen our love for Oaxaca, which is often broken by wrong policies and decisions that have made it, sometimes, into a monster from which we would like to escape.

Ambulantes del Centro Histórico superan la cifra de los 3 mil
No a ambulantes; calles libres

Citizens, we believe in It happened in Oaxaca, are willing to collaborate jointly with the authorities. We only need that from you, the new City Council chaired by Francisco Martínez Neri, assume the functions that the law requires of it with goodwill, responsibility, honesty, and the greatest possible transparency.

What more can we ask for?

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